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My name is Norma Gomez and I live in Auckland. I studied Web Development at Yoobee School of Design. I used to work as a Systems Analyst – which is very different from what I’m doing right now!

I’m thrilled with the new technologies to build websites, and that’s why I decided to pursue my web development career.

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My Favorite Projects

  • Html5 |
  • CSS3 - Bootstrap |
  • Laravel |
  • Javascript |
  • Axure Prototype |
  • PHP |
  • MySQL

... Majestic Adventure


Cuzco Kiwi Travel

Machu Pichu 360°


This is my Industry Project, in server side, I can INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE commands to the server to update a MySQL Database. The Database is the foundation of my Project’s web application.

This Project is very comprehensive because I use everything I learned at Yoobee: codes, libraries, slides and validation forms. This was the first time I used PHP for Laravel. This website works in different browsers, devices, validation forms.

I tried to make the Client side very friendly. The topic was Cuzco and Lima, famous cities from my home country. I made some research and looked for the best photos.

Beautiful Puppy


This is a lovely, colorful project. The topic is fantastic: a Fashion Shop Boutique for Puppies.

This is a responsive website: it has two slides at the start of the page and in the middle of the page. It is fun, as it each image has been improved with Photoshop. It has some png images improved with fireworks.

I gained experience with flex boxes CSS3 and cell phones for the first time! This website has a Map with Geolocation (API-Google). It works in Firefox, cell phones and it has a D3 diagram for Statistics about the customers in New Zealand.

The Witch's Taste Restaurant


This was the first time that I worked with Flex Boxes CSS3. Understanding this new technology was very challenging. But here is the result: a very responsive website, it works in any device from a desktop to a cell phone. All the codes I used have been validated: Html5 and Css. The forms have been validated with JQ as well.

I had the opportunity to develop a Restaurant website about my country’s food. It has a menu with starters, main courses and drinks. Each dish is shown in a light box. I used Javascript to animate the site - people can make bookings online just by filling a form.

Diamonds by NG


This project has been done with PHP. The website is supported with a Database. Customers can shop online: select products, remove them from their shopping carts and make the payment through Paypal.

This is the first time that I use PHP with models, libraries and MySQL. The Admin has a login and Menu options to do the database maintenance from the same website.

I used advanced CSS3 coding to style this website. It has a slide with JS, the images have been retouched in Photoshop and the png files, with fireworks.

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